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Terrie Hancock Mangat

When Terrie Hancock Mangat was 6 years old she asked for fabric for Christmas, and there began her love affair with fiber arts. Born and raised in Northern Kentucky, Terrie attended the University of Kentucky where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art. Her education in art has continued throughout her life via various art education opportunities, travel and museum-going. Having majored in print making, Terrie’s first exploration of quilt making coincided with Jonathan Holstein’s 1971 exhibit, Abstract Design in American Quilts, at the Whitney Museum. Since that time, Terrie has established her reputation as one of the most important quilt makers working today through embellishment, complex compositions, a myriad of materials and objects such as fabrics, paint, thread, buttons, beads and more.



Terrie Mangat

Taos, New Mexico



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